Who are the inner children?

How do we recognise them?
Each of us has within ourselves what we can call our Inner Child. If your child is nurtured then it is the source of your creativity, playfulness, and joy! But if this child is screaming or traumatised then there can be no peace in your “house”.

It's not your fault. 
You did the best you could with the resources you had

Psychophonetics is a powerful heart and body centred method of coaching/therapy that can teach you the tools to heal the Inner Child.
Uniquely it uses a new language based on sensing, visualization, gesture and sounds to empower you to deeply erase past hurts. Come and learn about the Psychology of Freedom! 


Sat 29th June 

2 - 4 pm

Living & Learning Eltham

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Inner Child 



Transform your relationship with your inner child and adult self. 


“I have just finished the course and I have found it to be a really useful thing to open my mind up to different ideas and concepts.

I really liked what they  presented in so many different ways.”


“I can't express how much I have got out of this course. I came here a little bit unsure of what direction I was going to take my business in and I'm leaving knowing exactly what I am going to be doing."


“Linda has an amazing talent in helping people transform their lives to be far more resourceful.  Her gifts are her patience, compassion and acceptance.  When Linda worked with me, I found that she was 100% present with me”


Sat 29th June 2019

2 - 4 pm


Living & Learning Eltham

739 Main Road

Eltham, Vic 3095