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A mission statement is designed to become more intentional about your relationship. It is a declaration created and agreed upon by the couple that guides their principles, goals, and values.


By creating a Mission statement, you explicitly share expectations and desires with each other.

This allows trust to be built, or rebuilt, and have more open communication.


Creating a mission statement for your relationship can be powerful.


The process of discussing your statement is therapeutic in and of itself.

It can help you create a greater sense of purpose that will give meaning and build a future together.

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Just like in business, assessment of where you are at is key.


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A mission statements is designed to become more intentional about your relationship.

A shared declaration created and agreed upon that guides your shared principles, goals and values.

Strategic Plan

"Redesign your relationship" program customises a strategic plan specific to your relationship mission and goals to give you measurable results in 90 days.


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The business of love

In business we plan ahead, we set goals, we build relationships, we communicate with clarity or at least attempt to. In business, we would laugh at the notion of success without planning, yet we approach our personal relationships with an open heart and no thought to strategy at all. And then we wonder why we so often fall at the first hurdle.

It is my great desire to bring the business principles of strategic planning to our most intimate relationships so that our love lives can become places of vibrant and dynamic growth.

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