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About Linda Jane

I have had many journeys of self-discovery through my intimate relationships and life.

I was in my 20’s living with my boyfriend. We argued a lot, sometimes past 2 in the morning. We weren’t very good at listening to each other. I got very sick of the merry go round and I set out to find a course that might help us. We agreed to give it a try and we attended a couple’s communication workshop.


This was my first introduction to the benefits of Relationship workshops and couples therapy.

In the workshop we were given the activity of practicing active listening. Our job was to take it in turns to listen to for 5 minutes, without interruption, and then repeat back what we had heard. I thought, great, this is my opportunity to be heard.
I said to my boyfriend: “My issue with you is you get defensive and I never get to fin..….”, when he interrupted me and said: “I’m not defensive!”

I have since moved on from that relationship and continued on my journey. Along the way I have discovered my number one human need being Growth. My thirst for knowledge led me to want to learn how to communicate better and this has been my passion and profession ever since.


For over 20 years as a qualified Master in NLP, and now an Internationally accredited of NLP Trainer.  I have coached and collaborated with business owners in developing strategic business plans, with full analysis and implementation.  

I have worked with  individuals and couples on improving their communication. Using the works of:

Harvelle Hendrix model of Imago therapy

Maslow’s Hierarchy of need

Time Line Therapy

Art Therapy

 Gestalt therapy

McClelland’s Acquired Needs Theory

Milton Ericson’s unconscious behavioural language patterns

and many more

Recently I have completed the Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes Core 100 Advanced Relationship Coaching Program, to which the 6 Humans Needs are fundamental.

Cloe Madanes is a clinical Psychologist and member, supervisor and fellow of the American Association of Marriage and Family therapy

Together have developed the “Advanced Relationship Program


I noticed that many successful business people, struggle in their personal lives.  
What if.... they had a strategic "Relationship plan"

With a vision, mission, self assessments and  analysis tools, Family Goals, Positive communication strategies and you were coached.....

The Vision would be your family legacy, with clear values, attitudes, behaviours and positive communication practices.  

Would it reveal areas for improvement and change?

What would you gain if you had clear simple practices to be positive role models?
My obsession is to help families avoid unnecessary breakups. 

The Highly Successful Relationships program does just that.

I have developed program using  cutting edge psychology, strategic intervention tools,  strategic planning, transformational science, spirituality, habit change, and practical wisdom.

What are they saying......?


"Linda has an amazing talent in helping people transform their lives to be far more resourceful.  Her gifts are her patience, compassion and acceptance.  When Linda worked with me, I found that she was 100% present with me."…..


I found Linda to be an exceptional lady. Years of experience in a variety of areas added with a genuine care for her peers makes her a not lovely but very professional person to be around. Linda is a rare

find.  Linda has the ability to work hard, be helpful and has a great sense of humor. I wish Linda all the best in future endeavors.


Linda is the most professional patient teacher that I have ever had. Her rapport with young and old is amazing. Her ability to impart the necessary  information, no matter what the subject makes learning relaxed, fun and a total enjoyment.


I have gained valuable skills that will assist me in my career as well as in everyday life.  Linda was fantastic and had a great amount of knowledge on every single topic relating some topics back to her experiences personally and professionally. She demonstrated how to

put them into practice in everyday life, which made the course very enjoyable and practical.


....I’m glad you vigilantly remind me of the things I need to do.

I’m glad you push me to do the things that I procrastinate on ……that I have you to rely on…..I can ask you anything knowing it will be done.  I can talk to you about my fears, triumphs and personal life. You listen and diplomatically have the right response for everything….

 …..You do what it takes to do what I need. You have passionately led

our management team through Business Thinking Systems and have made amazing progress. You take on projects not knowing how, or even what you have to do to get the job done, you just do.

I think you are a wonderful as a professional and as a human being.

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