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Linda Jane

Communication Expert
Linda Jane


Let's talk all things Communicaiton 

Linda Jane is a strategic relationships life coach with 25 years’ experience in assisting her clients to increase their personal and professional happiness and to turn their dreams into reality. 

Linda believes that for a truly successful life we must understand the fundamental messages we send and receive on a daily basis and develop our ability to communicate more lovingly, more respectfully and more effectively with others. 

Linda has worked extensively with individuals and groups including disadvantaged youth, the unemployed and those with a disability as well as corporate and private business clients. Helping them to hone their innate abilities and talents and to realise success in their personal and professional lives through improved communications.

Linda understands that happiness at home and in the workplace is a key component to success whether in our personal relationships or in our business relationships. Communication is the cornerstone of this success from the simplest exchange to the most complex of interactions. 
Linda teaches her clients how to communicate with respect and purpose, providing clear and measurable outcomes. She aims to maximize transformational change whether she is working with corporate or private clients, providing tools that measurably increase happiness both at home and at work. 

Using the Strategic Intervention Coaching system designed by Chloe Madanes, Linda is able to assist clients to improve communication on all levels and in a way that can be applied in all settings helping them to increase both their personal and professional satisfaction. 


Linda is an internationally accredited Robbins/Madanes Strategic Intervention Relationship Coach. She is a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and a nationally accredited TAE Trainer in Business and Leadership. She holds a Diploma of Small Business Management and an Advanced Diploma in Art Therapy. 

To find out more about Linda go to: Personal Journey 


For information on Strategic Intervention Coaching,, click here

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