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Intentional Dialogue 
90 day program for couples

  • Learn a new way to talk and a new way to listen.

  • Co-create a relationship vision.

  • Acquire the skills to manifest this vision.

  • Discover the uniqueness of your partner.

  • Uncover the opportunities for emotional healing and personal growth.

A safe space to be vulnerable

Charting the path


If you could envision your perfect relationship, what would it look like? How would you feel?

What would you be doing? Do you dream of laughing often? Feeling safe and relaxed?

Having joint activities you both find meaningful? If we will dream, we can create.

If we can create, we can live abundantly.

And it all begins with a dream. 

Creating the relationship vision provides a new experience

It will help you:

  • Learn a new way to talk and listen through the intentional dialogue process. 

  • Uncover the unconscious wishes and identify a way to measure your progress.

  • Shift your focus away from the past (blame), and towards a new future (hope).  

  • Cocreate shared meaning.  

  • Define differences, which you will come to realise, are okay.

  • Become intentional – align with your vision, rather than reacting to the moment.

  • Foster curiosity through the why’s that are inferred throughout the steps.

  • Move away from judgement, and of the self, towards being inquisitive.

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Nearly 50 percent of marriages end in divorce and countless others are resigned to living in passionless relationships.

Why do many of us live with loneliness?

You work long days and as a result, your busy life leaves you little time for your family. Most of the time spent with your loved oneis taken up talking family and work logistics, and there are frequent disagreements.

Arguments become heated and hurtful things are said. Trust is lost and intimacy erodes over time leading to you, as the hard-working entrepreneur not feeling supported in your goals. A sense of disconnection can abound, leaving the you feeling drained, effecting productivity. It can often be hard to move forward without seriously considering the prospect of separation, or even divorce, in order to get some relief from the situation.

How can we protect our relationship from becoming another statistic?

What can we do to keep our love energized?


Intentional Dialogue 
90 day program for couples

This program can transform your relationship and shift how you feel about your relationship.  It offers you a chance to explore your burning questions and begin a journey to create a lasting and fulfilling connection.

​This program is a worthwhile investment, both personally and professionally, far outweighing the investment of a messy and expensive divorce.


After 90 days, you will experience measurable improvements in your communication with your intimate partner. You will have created a relationship where it is safe to be vulnerable.  

You will have more energy for both your businesses and your personal relationships, with many tools for how to be the best role models for your children.


Increased energy levels, measurable improvements in communication, lasting changes in your most important relationship. Doesn’t that sound great?
The feelings of relief - that you are not staring down the barrel of a nasty divorce, elation – that you and your business are performing optimally, and satisfaction – that you have rescued your most important relationship, are beyond compare.

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