Six Human Needs
Why we do what we do
Take the FREE Human Needs Test
and understand why you and your partner
feel and behave the way you do. 

What determines the success

or failure of a relationship?

How can couples:

  • Overcome conflicts

  • Make difficult decisions together

  • increase closeness daily

Many relationships suffer when partners disagree about issues such as:

  • Money

  • Children

  • in-laws

However, these types of disagreements are not the real source of Conflict

The real root cause of conflict in relationships can be when partners are unable to meet each other‘s deepest Human Needs

According to Human Need Psychology, there are six essential human needs:

They are:


That we can be comfortable to have pleasure and avoid pain


Every person needs to feel special, important and wanted


Requires you to get outside yourself, beyond your fears and limitations


Challenges that will exercise our emotional and physical range


We all need connection with other human beings and to feel loved


Gives meaning to life.    Everything in the Universe contributes to beyond itself.

Understanding and using these needs actively in your life will improve both your life and the lives of those around you. It can transform relationships, boost careers, increase and improve your friendships – in fact improve any area of your life.

Strategic Intervention Relationship Coaching

Take the FREE Human Needs Test
and understand why you and your partner
feel and behave the way you do. 

The Six Human Needs used in Strategic Intervention Relationship Coaching is modelled on Anthony Robbins and Cloe Madanes’ work, with an emphasis on the different needs and the ways that you can best benefit from this paradigm. The Six Human Needs tool is central to Strategic Intervention because it brings understanding to the differences in how each need is unique to each individual

If you can meet all your partner’s needs and they are able to meet all of yours, then you would be hard-pressed to even think of ending a relationship

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