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In the workshop we were given the activity of practicing active listening. Our job was to take it in turns to listen to for 5 minutes, without interruption, and then repeat back what we had heard. I thought, great, this is my opportunity to be heard.
I said to my boyfriend: “My issue with you is you get defensive and I never get to fin..….”, when he interrupted me and said: “I’m not defensive!”
I have since moved on from that relationship and continued on my journey. Along the way I have discovered my number one human need being Growth. My thirst for knowledge led me to want to learn how to communicate better and this has been my passion and profession ever since.
I have been a practicing therapist and Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Practitioner for over 20 years, working with individuals and couples on improving their relationships.                            

Cloe Madanes is a clinical Psychologist and member, supervisor and fellow of the American Association of Marriage and Family therapy


What is Strategic Intervention Coaching?

Tony Robbins, Cloé Madanes, Mark Peysha and Magali Peysha are the founders of Strategic Intervention Coaching. They have been powerfully influenced by the great insights and works of Victor Frankl and Milton Erickson’s creative breakthroughs in human intervention. Strategic Intervention exists wherever human beings use extraordinary skills to bring about positive personal and cultural change.

Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Ghandi are examples of masterful Strategic Interventionists.

I have since completed  this course to which the 6 Humans Needs are fundamental.  I have developed a 3 day program using  cutting edge psychology, strategic intervention tools,  planning, transformational science, spirituality, habit change, and practical wisdom.

Six Human Needs

Why we do what we do

This book takes a deep look into what the core human needs are and how they influence behaviour and decisions.  With this awareness, you can each learn what your core motivations are, and a formula to be able to meet each other’s needs.

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If you can meet all your partner’s needs and they are able to meet all of yours, then you would be hard-pressed to even think of ending a relationship

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If you want to be coached through the implementation of these needs or...

If you need help with creating a Relationship Mission and Vision, please book a 15-minute consult to discuss your individual relationship needs:


Why me?
I have had many journeys of self-discovery through my intimate relationships and life.

I was in my 20’s living with my boyfriend. We argued a lot, sometimes past 2 in the morning. We weren’t very good at listening to each other. I got very sick of the merry go round and I set out to find a course that might help us. We agreed to give it a try and we attended a couple’s communication workshop. This was my first introduction to the benefits of Relationship workshops and couples therapy.