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Will you break up or break through?

The business of love

In business we plan ahead, we set goals, we build relationships, we communicate with clarity or at least attempt to. In business, we would laugh at the notion of success without planning, yet we approach our personal relationships with an open heart and no thought to strategy at all. And then we wonder why we so often fall at the first hurdle.


As a small business owners (both in Australia and internationally), you have been focused on growing your businesses for many years. You are proud of your achievements, but those wins have come at a price

You work long days and as a result, your busy life leaves you little time for your family. Most of the time spent with your loved oneis taken up talking family and work logistics, and there are frequent disagreements.

Arguments become heated and hurtful things are said. Trust is lost and intimacy erodes over time leading to you, as the hard-working entrepreneur not feeling supported in your goals. A sense of disconnection can abound, leaving the you feeling drained, effecting productivity. It can often be hard to move forward without seriously considering the prospect of separation, or even divorce, in order to get some relief from the situation.

Relationship coaching
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Invest in the 90-day challenge, rather than divorce

As an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of strategic business planning. Operating in a cycle of continuous improvement, assessing where your business currently is, where you want it to be, and how you will implement the strategies designed to get there.

Linda Jane of Janeway Pty Ltd assists will assist you in applying your proven business acumen to your relationships.

Linda’s 90-day, “Redesign your relationship” challenge, will help you to assess your relationship and create a vision of where you want it to be. You wil have a customised plan on how to get there, measuring specific aspects of your communication as a benchmark for improvement.

The challenge is a worthwhile investment, both personally and professionally, far outweighing the investment of a messy and expensive divorce.  


After 90 days, you will experience measurable improvements in your communication with your intimate partner. You will have created a relationship where it is safe to be vulnerable.  

You will have more energy for both your businesses and your personal relationships, with many tools for how to be the best role models for your children.

Business Colleagues


Increased energy levels, measurable improvements in communication, lasting changes in your most important relationship. Doesn’t that sound great?
The feelings of relief - that you are not staring down the barrel of a nasty divorce, elation – that you and your business are performing optimally, and satisfaction – that you have rescued your most important relationship, are beyond compare.

It is my great desire to bring the business principles of strategic planning to our most intimate relationships so that our love lives can become places of vibrant and dynamic growth.

As in the business world, so in the relationship world; a realistic assessment of where you are at is key.
One of the most important building blocks to success in a committed relationship is emotional intelligence.

Are you ready to talk about you and your relationship.

Greg Harding

The Alternative Board Director

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Being in business with your life partner can take a toll on your relationship.

Linda is bursting with passion for helping couples in business fulfill their personal relationship goals just as much as their business goals.


Her 'Seven practices of highly successful relationships' are beautifully simple yet so powerful

I have no hesitation in recommending Linda and her relationship programs.

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