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What Makes a Successful Relationship

Join Linda Jane live In Melbourne

where she will talk about What Makes a Successful Relationship

You will Learn

The 3 big mistakes that couples are making


3 Secrets to creating Highly Successful Relationship


7 Practices of Highly Successful Relationships

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You meet your soulmate, fall in love, and live happily ever after.
Yeah, in your dreams..

Relationships can sometimes be hard work; emotionally hard, mentally hard, even physically hard.
You see, no-one gave you the rule book about what to believe and how to act, so you either made it up as you went along, or defaulted to your own parents' examples. 


It's not your fault. You didn't have a plan.

Effects of not having an effective plan:

 * Misunderstood *
 * Undervalued *
* Drifting apart *
* Lost the spark *
* Unable to let go of past hurts *
* Little affection *
* Want to fall in love again *
* Improve communication skills *

* More able to talk from an authentic place *


What if you had a plan?

A strategic Relationship Plan

In this Intro workshop, we will address:


* 3 big mistakes that couples are making *

* How a Strategic Relationship Plan will create a Highly Successful Relationship *
* 7 Practices of Highly Successful Relationships *


You will have an opportunity to customise the 7 Practices, specific to your relationship, and implement them immediately. 
One of the Practices is "The Greeting":
Create a new pattern of greeting your partner warmly every day. This practice only takes 30 seconds. 
Write down, or better yet, brainstorm with your partner, 3 ways to greet each other every day.


About Linda

Just like a successful business has a vision. Relationships with a Vision, Mission, and strategic communication practices, can be highly successful. I am a Master NLP Practitioner for over 20 years now. I have been working with:- Individuals in turning their Dreams into Reality- Couples achieving a more lasting love- Business in developing and implementation their strategic business plans- Training Life Skills to the long term unemployed and disadvantaged groups- Corporate clients in realising their natural talents and achieving success in their personal and professional lives.  


My obsession is to maximise transformational change. Improve people’s happiness through communication with respect, purpose and clear outcomes, through coaching, training and speaking Through strategic coaching and practices, your successful business acumen can be utilised to create a strategic plan and give you measurable results of happiness in your life..



“I have just finished the course and I have found it to be a really useful thing to open my mind up to different ideas and concepts.

I really liked what they  presented in so many different ways.”


“I can't express how much I have got out of this course. I came here a little bit unsure of what direction I was going to take my business in and I'm leaving knowing exactly what I am going to be doing."


“Linda has an amazing talent in helping people transform their lives to be far more resourceful.  Her gifts are her patience, compassion and acceptance.  When Linda worked with me, I found that she was 100% present with me”

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