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The Secret of




The Secret of Creating Your Future will benefit anyone that is serious about  goal setting at the next level.  


Imagine if, in 36 hours your entire life changed...

All the resources you could ever need were at your fingertips. And you had 100% clarity on what to do next.

You will Learn

The five aspects to leading a fulfilling life

Unless you set goals that take care of all these five aspects, you are unlikely to lead a well-rounded, balanced life.

Suppose you are trying to create more prosperity in life. Consciously, you may be thinking prosperous and abundant thoughts. But when you shift your conscious attention away worrying thoughts about money start creeping back in. And before long, you’re caught in the same old patterns as before.

The process to uncover  limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs can be well hidden beneath the surface of your conscious awareness.

This process will show you how to uncover the attitudes you have about various subjects that may prevent you from reaching your goals.

The truth is, if there is something in your future that you don't want to have happen, then there is something in your past that isn't cleared up. 

You are in charge of what is in your future timeline. 

The steps to putting a goal in your future

People perceive their timelines differently. You’ll learn how to recognize the way you perceive your unique, internal timeline so you can rearrange it and create the future you want, the way you want it.

You will learn to take control of your future by following the steps set out by Tad James in "The Secret to Creating Your Future" program.

Imagine if, in 36 hours your entire life changed...

How the program changed my life


For the last 23+ years as a Master NLP Practitioner and now NLP Trainer, I have coached and trained individuals, couples and business owners to achieve their outcomes.


I was a the most worthy victim I knew

Before I was introduced to NLP, I had a failed marriage, a failed business and found myself a single mum.

I was struggling with a history of generational poverty and had moved over 20 times before I was 21. I had a challenging upbringing and everything always seemed to happen to me.


I was trying so many ways to grow personally and professionally but all these things just kept happening to me.

In the first year as a single mum with two small kids, there were times when I felt like a guitar with its last heart string broken. Silenced, seeing no way through.

I call these my crying years.


A friend recommended I see a practitioner who used NLP techniques

Feeling curious, I was willing to give it a try.

I sat with her and bled on about all the horrible things that had happened to me. She asked me if I

wanted to give up being a victim.

"You mean, I could just give it up?" I asked, "what now?"

Using Tad James' Timeline Therapy, I was able to travell back and find the first event in my life where I decided i was a victim. I reversed the decision of “I am a victim” to "I choose this life"

I have not been a victim since. 

I am now responsible for my response to stuff that happens.

My memories of what happened have not been altered, they are still the same memoriesWhat changed on my timeline were the decisions I made and the meaning that I gave those decisions. I can honestly say that I now feel free of emotional responses to my past

After years and years of gathering information on self-help, business, relationships and goal setting, I felt it was time for me to facilitate others in transforming their lives.

I realised how powerful the tools of NLP were and I wanted to share them with the world.

It’s cliché to say I’m passionate, but, wow, ……
the fire that burns within in me is strong.

Using the masterful techniques in The Secret of Creating your Future program, I set a personal goal,

well, more of a mission. This was:


To maximise transformational change

and improve people’s happiness.

I am now training under the Australian Tad James Company.

 The Secret of Creating Your Future is just one of the many fabulous trainings available.

If you have been in the NLP industry for any length of time, you’ll know that the Tad James Company is the largest NLP training company in the world – certifying more master trainers in NLP and training more practitioners than any other NLP organisation.


“I can't express how much I have got out of this course. I came here a little bit unsure of what direction I was going to take my business in and I'm leaving knowing exactly what I am going to be doing.”

You may have tried many things...

Like me, you may have tried many self-help and personal development programs on the market. Most of them focus on “positive thinking”, asking you to act as if the problem is gone… when in fact… the underlying causes and issues are still there.

Unless you find a way to resolve these underlying issues, you will continue to get the same

unwanted results in life.

Thirteen years after giving up being a victim, I experienced feeling bullied. I started to slip into victimhood.  Suddenly, my neural-pathways fired up and said to me,

“Wait a minute, I'm not a victim!” Then I asked myself,

what is the root cause of my current unhappiness?

What is the one thing I need to learn in order for my unconscious mind to resolve this issue?”

I travelled back on my timeline and found the first event in my life where I was bullied,

and reversed the decision from “I need you to like me” to "I deserve to be respected".

This is proof of the lasting changes that the NLP tools have.

If I can change my neural pathways, so can you!

With The Secret of Creating Your Future you can:

  • Get really, really clear on the future you want

  • Align your thoughts and values with your goals

  • Remove any limitations that are in your way

  • Place your goals in your future timeline

The Secret of Creating Your Future will benefit anyone that is serious about goal setting at the next level.

You can make a decision, right now, to create the future you want by attending this program!

The Secret of Creating Your Future has allowed me to pursue my passion

I fervently wish that for you as well. So, go get your ticket!

I look forward to helping you create the future you want.

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