Self Parent Your Inner Child

1 Day Workshop

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Transform your relationship with your

Inner Child and Adult Self

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How can we find practical ways to become the parent and maintain our sanity?

How can we do this without letting emotions and judgments be more in control of our behaviour than we wish them to be?

How can we heal unresolved hurts and be more in charge of how we behave?

Self Parenting your Inner Child workshop is a powerful heart and body centred method of coaching/therapy that can teach you the tools to Self Parent your inner child

In this workshop, you will experience:

  • How to step out of fear and create inner safety

  • The wisdom of the body, how emotions are held within and how to release them

  • Tools to become the parent for your Inner Child

You will learn:

  • Techniques and skills designed for self-care and resilience

  • How to use creative expression to develop new neural pathways for health and well being

Come and learn about the

Psychology of Freedom

The Art of Happiness

Inner Child Healing
Each of us has within ourselves what we can call our Inner Child. If your child is nurtured then it is the source of your creativity, playfulness, and joy! But if this child is screaming or traumatised then there can be no peace in your “house”.