The Gift of Love

Valentines Day Special
How to make that special someone feel really special 
One of best things you can give a loved one is the experience of Relationship  coaching

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Learn how to practice the

7 Practices of Highly Successful Relationships

Relationship Coaching is changing lives. Why? It is a solution-focused, tailored sequence of 1:1 coaching sessions designed to help to get from where you are now to where you want to be, quicker and more effectively than you could do on your own. It helps you to focus on what is possible, then helps you make your possibility a reality for the right, sustainable goals.

The Secrets to a Happy Loving Partnership

These simple yet fantastic practices  takes only a few seconds and are meant for you to do every day, no matter what. When thousands of couples are asked what they do every day to show trust, love, and kindness, they reveal the following practices. will create ripples of good feeling and will impact every part of your relationship. If you have children, then they’ll learn by watching you, and in the future they will know how to be happy in a relationship too.

  The 7 Practices are:    

1.  Special Compliments

Every day, compliment your partner.

The compliments don’t need to be original. You can say

your eyes are beautiful, or I love your shoulders. Just give the compliment and appreciate the person physically. The more you do this, the more you’ll see details that you appreciate. You will also be

filling your partner up with thoughts like, “He/she is attracted to me and he/she appreciates me.” It’s

also really important to compliment your partner’s spirit.

It only takes one to start these practices. And it doesn't matter how bad things may seem or how rough the day was. What matters is that you remember the deeper truth: that you love this person, you choose this person, and you choose to be committed to this person. When you take the time to tell your partner, you are also reminding yourself of what really matters to you, what is underneath and important. You are shifting the focus to the priority of your love. And it doesn't matter if you’ve been mad for a long time or you think your partner needs to change. This may feel awkward at first. Persist with it and it will become second nature. It all starts with your Love. If you want to learn more, click below for a FREE Love Coaching session.

This Valentines day, give the Gift of Love

We will customise the 7 Practices and gain a deeper understanding, specific to your relationship.