Captain Janeway and Leadership

Captain Katherine Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager, is the epitome of a positive female leader. She kicks butt and takes names – but without being a jerk, and without surrendering her identity as a woman. Captain Janeway is an awesome hero.

Captain Kathryn Janeway is a classic affiliative leader. She's all about creating harmony within her organization and healing rifts between different groups. She demonstrates this by bringing together her crew and the rebel Maquis faction at the start of the series.

Traits and Principles of Affiliative Leaders

  • Focused on Conflict Resolution. This is a mutual leadership style that is all about healing rifts and getting rid of animosity. ...

  • Praise is Critical. ...

  • Other's Awareness. ...

  • Flexibility. ...

  • A Belief in Freedom. ...

  • Resilience. ...

  • Empathetic Communication.

One of the most unique aspects of Kathryn Janeway‘s appearance in Star Trek history – is, not that she’s a woman, but that, of all the heroic captains portrayed in the five series, Janeway alone was a superbly skilled scientist and mathematician, in addition to being a Starfleet captain.

It should also be noted that Janeway’s epic seven-year struggle to return her crew to the Alpha Quadrant after Voyager is stranded in the distant and unexplored Delta Quadrant, makes her one of the most gallant and enduring Fleet officers to ever don the uniform.

Seventy thousand lightyears from home, she and her crew are the farthest any human vessel has ever traveled inside the Milky Way. In such conditions many would be tempted to give up, find the nearest habitable planet to settle on, and call it the next hundred years.

But Janeway does no such thing.

The journey is not easy. Nor would the undaunted explorer she is, have it be.

Voyager does not set a direct, non-stop course for Earth, but takes many detours and assumes many missions, charting the Delta Quadrant, its uncounted species and dangers along the way.

“But You’re a Mother to This Crew”

Q once called Janeway a mother to her crew, the woman who held Voyager’s morale together through an array of impossible odds, keeping her people together as a family cast away on a stormy and tempest sea.

Janeway is a proven leader with the skill, the tenacity, the drive to succeed whatever the odds, and no matter how insurmountable they may seem.

It raised the honorable captain’s pedigree because it forced her to run faster, reach higher, strive harder, never quitting until the race was won. This is the finest of Starfleet tradition and Kathryn Janeway is in numerous ways an exception to advancing that tradition!

And this, the Meditator thinks, is the principle lesson to be learned from Janeway:

"That to be the best, one must step out of the norm, the familiar, the comfortable.

One must go beyond the acceptable and known, casting away fear,

and sweeping boldly into what is unknown."

If an individual can do this, is willing to do this, they can distinguish themselves in human history. Captain Janeway most certainly did!

After watching all seven seasons of Voyager, Janeway's affiliate leadership styles, inspired me in July 2000 to name my business Janeway.

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