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Practice is what creates skill

I have been a practicing therapist and Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner for over 20 years, working with individuals and couples to improve their relationships.

I grew up in a single parent household and as a young adult, managed to re-create a similar situation myself. Life as a single parent was hard but one coping strategy I shared with my kids was written on a poster that hung above our kitchen table.

The words of the poster began “As I grow…” They were written from the point of view of a child speaking to a parent.

I used to read each statement on the poster to give me the strength to continue. They reminded me that the parenting journey wasn’t just about me - it was about my kids too.

I didn’t know it at the time, but when I was staring hard at that poster and trying to apply its principles, I was practicing an NLP technique called anchoring. It wasn't until being introduced to NLP techniques that I was able to bring my unconscious values into alignment with what I truly wanted in life.

This was nothing short of profound.

Once I learned about the power of NLP, I felt a deep sense of being anchored into my unconscious and in experiencing that, I found undertaking these daily practices became easier and easier.

I began to wonder if these techniques could be developed and applied to relationships? I realised that the poster, which still hangs on my kitchen wall, contained so much wisdom. I found that the statements, when applied daily can have an immediate impact on the happiness of any relationship.

From this understanding, I created the “Seven Practices of Highly Successful Relationships”.

Click the image to download the poster.

This resource aligns strongly with my chosen purpose; to help others avoid unnecessary family breakups or at the very least to provide couples with resourceful communication strategies that can help them navigate their way through separation while protecting their most important assets - their children.

It’s cliché to say I’m passionate but wow, the fire that burns in me is strong!

My journey, from harried single mother to empowered businesswoman, life coach and NLP practitioner has led me to want to share all that I have learned with a wider audience, especially these seven simple steps.

The “Seven Practices of Highly Successful Relationships” is available as a download below. Feel free to download them. Try them and let me know how their application affects you and your important relationships.

Sending love to your young self,

Linda Jane.

Click the image to download:

Please click here to book a FREE 20-minute discovery call to discuss your individual raltionship needs.

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